Monday, December 10, 2012

Men In Black III Reaction Review

I like the opening to the animated series.

Adequate, acceptable (if unnecessary) sequel to a bad movie (a bad movie that was a sequel to a good movie). 

An alien outlaw once imprisoned by Agent K goes back in time for revenge, erasing K (Tommy Lee Jones) from existence. Agent J (screw it, you’ll call him Will Smith anyway), remains the only person who remembers that K was his partner for reasons of chocolate milk. Smith must go back in time (1969) to save and help young K (played very well by the acting chameleon that is Josh Brolin) save the world. Notable character is the entertaining Griffin, played by Michael Stuhlbarg (who’s acted in four different movies this year alone). Well-acted movie all-around.

Time travel movies are sworn enemies of nitpickers, but if I were a teacher grading usage of time travel alone, I’d give it an 85%. Got most of it right, most of the important bits. Several astoundingly fake CGI aliens early on that have improved very little over the last 15 years. It was sort of excusable in 1997, but only looks barely better now.

Predictable at many points (except the ending) and many things were heavily foreshadowed multiple times. Felt like Griffin predicting the future as scenes caused me to slightly alter my guess as to precisely where the movie was going next. Surprisingly unfunny at many points, surprisingly racist at others (and not just because it was 1969). 

Acceptable time travel story, decent villain, good climax, great ending that ties enough of it together to be enjoyable. Reaction to ending was “touching, and I guess it makes sense.” Bumpy ride getting there. More for the fans than casual viewers.

Avoid it. LOL, JK, It’s just O-K. Definitely rent it if you liked the first one. Worth a watch or two. Walked away liking it a little more than I expected.

Watched once on DVD rented from Netflix. Reaction reviews are written immediately after movie is finished.

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